This Croatian city is a jewel to be sure (itís even classified as a world heritage treasure by UNESCO), encircled by medieval ramparts, with ancient streets, historic buildings and stone houses, and a rich cultural heritage, not to mention a fine position on the blue sea. The surrounding countryside provides glimpses of life the way it used to be.

Morning in the Old City
Tiled roofs of the Old Town Lindo - traditional folk dance
Typical colors of the Adriatic The old port
Entrance to the Old Town (east side)
Sponza Palace (16th century)
Franciscan Monastery (14th century) Stradun - the main street
St. John's fort - protected the old port throughout centuries Entrance to the Old Town (west side)
Streets of Dubrovnik
Minceta fortress Old Town & Lokrum Island
More Stradun
City walls - Walk takes almost the whole day... ... but it is worth it!
City walls facing the sea The new port, Gruz
The main city beach Departing from the old port
Town of Cavtat (about 20 min south of Dubrovnik) Cavtat's port
On the way to the Lokrum island (boat departs every 30min) Opening of the Summer Festival (drama, music, dance)
(July 10th - August 25th).